Alternate Road ride – 8th July

The two Andy’s have a cracker of a alternate ride this weekend;

Alternative road ride Satruday 8th July to Bude
***Starting at Callington***

Andy Burch and Andy Greaves will be leading an alternative ride to Bude 70 mile round trip average pace around 14 mph

The plan is to drive out to Callington, and leave from the free car park just off the roundabout going towards Callington from Plymouth.The aim is to leave from here at 09:00 then head out towards Bray Shop, then up to Launston then on to Bude.

There is a cafe stop booked at River Life Cafe on the approach to Bude.

Return is via the same route back to Callington. Bring plenty of food , and hopefully some sun cream !:))

Can we ask that if your planning to ride to Bude with us on Saturday, that you leave a comment below or via Fb. So we can let the Cafe know the numbers in advance. Andy B has given them a rough number but we would like to inform them if we go above this number.

Emma – I know your going so no need to reply.

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9 Responses to Alternate Road ride – 8th July

  1. Terry Casey says:

    Gutted. I would’ve enjoyed that one….I’m doing the Velothon. Enjoy the day.

  2. Peter Moss says:

    I hope to do this ride Saturday. 14 pace may be a bit much but as I know the route I can look after myself. Its also possible I may meet my wife in Bude after the coffee and cake stop.

  3. Rob Bennett says:

    Count me in

  4. Andrew Greaves says:

    Thanks Pete and Rob, well see you at callington 9am sharp! 🙂

  5. Richard Lewis says:

    I,m in. Be my first time out in while so looking forward to it, though maybe not so much the climb out of Launceston ! See you at callington.

  6. Chris Lewis says:

    With both Andy’s leading this ride can’t be missed so count me in. Just need to get a new gear cable after work so will let you know otherwise.

  7. Andrew Greaves says:

    Thanks Richard and Chris, see you Saturday.

  8. Greg Mack says:

    Hope to be on ride , don,t wait if not there by 9am

  9. Richard Shotton says:

    See you there at Callington. 😁

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