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Summer Series – Round 3 (Team TT) Wed 19th July

So after a successful YOGi Individual TT and Team TT in round 1 and 2. Its onto round 3 and its another chance to team up for a Team TT Round 3 will take place on Wednesday 19th July at 7pm using course S19/16S. This starts at HMS Raleigh and heads up to Trerulefoot Roundabout and back again. Going through Anthony, Sheviock and Polbathic. With the finishing point at the entrance of Anthony House. For this event, we are encouraging members to comment below to confirm their attendance. It is planned that this be a 3up TTT, based on the … Read more…


Saturday 12-14 Road ride – 8th July

Mr Minions himself will be taking the 12-14 Club ride this weekend. His plan is; Tamar bridge, Callington via the back roads from Hatt, Rolls mill then minions for coffee Home via Liskeard and the Torpoint ferry 45-50 miles 4500ft of climbing

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Saturday 10-12 Road ride – 8th July

Mike Taylor has kindly volunteered to lead the 10-12mph club ride this weekend. Plan is as follows; Heading out to Lopwell, the route will be Lee Mill (turn up past Tesco) up to Cornwood, Dragon Hill and onto Yelverton. Cafe stop at Lopwell Dam followed by that lovely little climb back up to Tamerton and again up to Derriford!! Back to Coypool via ASDA and Leigham. Distance is about 32 miles.

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Saturday 16-18 Ride – 8th July

Matt Robinson has volunteered to lead the newly introduced 16-18mph Club ride this weekend. Plan is as follows; Flatbush route over to Launceston then over to Tavistock to put those Velopark group riding skills into practice then its a climb up to Princetown at a manageable pace where we will all meet at the top for a well deserved cafe stop at Fox Tor cafe with all the climbing out of the way. Nice down hill home via Yelverton, Roborough Downs. Approx 67 miles, 5000 ft climb at a pace to suit the group within prescribed 16-18mph. Bring a … Read more…

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Saturday 14-16 Road ride – 8th July

Gav Avery makes a long awaited return this week, to lead the 14-16mph club ride. Here is the route:- It has been a while since I have led a ride and been to Seaton so let’s combine the two!! B&Q start for 9am. We will aim to catch the Torpoint ferry at 9:45 so anyone who wants a lie in can meet us there. We will then go through St John, Millbrook, up to Maker and on to Rame. We will then take the coastal road along to Freathy, Tregantle, Crafthole, through Downderry and down into Seaton for a well … Read more…

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Alternate Road ride – 8th July

The two Andy’s have a cracker of a alternate ride this weekend; Alternative road ride Satruday 8th July to Bude ***Starting at Callington*** Andy Burch and Andy Greaves will be leading an alternative ride to Bude 70 mile round trip average pace around 14 mph The plan is to drive out to Callington, and leave from the free car park just off the roundabout going towards Callington from Plymouth.The aim is to leave from here at 09:00 then head out towards Bray Shop, then up to Launston then on to Bude. There is a cafe stop booked at River … Read more…


Saturday B Road ride – 1st July

Tis the last B ride as we know it and who else but to lead it but Andy Burch. Route as follows; Totnes loop,HQ to Ivybridge,Ermington, Cali X Garra Bridge,Morleigh, back roads to Totnes,cafe stop at Steamer Quay,back via Dartington, back roads to Rattery, South Brent etc Around 50 miles, hoping its dry

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Saturday Leisure Road ride – 1st July

This week marks the last Leisure ride as it is currently known, before the new Ride structure kicks in. Mike Taylor has volunteered to lead and his plan is as follows; Route will be out to Whitsands via Torpoint, Millbrook, Cawsands – cafe stop at Clifftop Cafe – then back home. Distance approx 30 miles at 10-12 av

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Torbay Velopark – 4th July ***New time of 7-9pm***

Hi all We have come around to our last visit of the Torbay Velopark and i’m keen to sign off in style. As this could also determine whether we opt to do the same again next year, Therefore following review, the track booking times have been moved back to 7-9pm rather than the existing 6-8pm. I hope this encourages more to take part and allows those to come who haven’t previously, due to work commitments . Please confirm your names below as wanting to attend. No group ride training planned, ,unless of course we a number of people come forward … Read more…


***Very Important update relating to Road Club rides – As of 8th July***

Hi all After ongoing discussion and review of the existing Club ride system. It is with effect from the 8th July, that Club rides will be as follows; 10 – 12 MPH distance 25 to 35 miles (Merge of the Leisure & A ride) 12 – 14 MPH distance 35 to 50 miles (Formerly B ride) 14 – 16 MPH distance 45 to 60 miles (Formerly C ride) 16 – 18 MPH distance 60 to 75 miles (New formed group) 18+ MPH no mileage limit (Formerly D ride) We recognise the importance of being able to adapt. to ensure we … Read more…


Saturday Leisure, B & D Road rides – 24th June

Hi all Its the weekend of the Nello, a big YOGi participation event. So club rides will be quiet this weekend and regular riders likely to be taking part. All Club rides continue as standard. With a ride leader determined in the morning between the riders who attend for each group, along with a route. Have a great weekend

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Saturday C Road ride – 24th June

Steve Cross has volunteered to lead the C ride this week, route is as planned; Happy to lead a C ride to Minions via Tavi/Gunnislake, back through Seaton and on to Torpoint. Aim for max 16mph C average.

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Saturday A Road Ride – 24th June***Route updated***

Thanks to Justin Stanbrook, who has volunteered to lead a very very gentle / easy A ride this week, with the Nello in mind (The next day) So it’s the day before the nello, I’m sure there’s plenty wanting a nice steady ride. So from B&Q to sparkwell, cornwood then onto the dragon hill and cadover, a little circuit of burrator and to the well earned cafe stop at Longash Then we have a choice of a fast ride back via yelverton. Pace will be very steady, I’m sure those more adventurous leisure riders will find this a nice route … Read more…

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Saturday A Road ride – 17th June

A ride to continue as per normal, however we will need a leader and route to be determined on the morning of. See you tomorrow

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Saturday Leisure Road ride – 17th June

Thanks to Mike Taylor for volunteering to lead the Leisure ride this weekend, plan is as follows; Will head out to Yelverton via Lee Mill, Cornwood, Cadover. Coffee either at Long Ash or Lopwell. Would be good if anyone riding this group confirm they are doing so asap, so Mike can give Lopwell some advance notice as they tend to get a bit irate if loads of  turn up unannounced

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