Club Kit Order – Winter 2014 – Closing Date 7th November

Christmas is coming so, once again, we’re opening up the ordering for YOGi club kit. If you’d like to purchase YOGi jerseys, gilets, shorts, arm warmers or jackets then follow the instructions below. Please note that there are both Road and MTB items available.

Ordering is placed directly with our suppliers (Champion Systems). This will allow you to order and pay directly from their website. This system will close on 7th November and the order will be delivered approximately 6 weeks after that date (ie with plenty of time for it to be wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree!)

Here’s how to order:

1. Go to the following website:

2. Log into the right hand “CS Direct Member Login” panel using the team username/password

username: yogicycling

password: clubkit2014

3. Create your individual account. These are the details you will use to log in from here on (i.e. you will no longer use the username/password above).

4. Under “YOGi Cycling Store” select Order Now.

5. You will now be able to select and pay for the items that you require.

Please note:

The first screen is Road Cycling items (Jerseys, Wind Vests (Gilets) and shorts. There are lots of options (some not available), for information, the jerseys that everyone currently has are the “CS Tech Short Sleeve Jerseys”.

To order MTB (downhill) tops, select “BMX/Downhill” from the left hand menu followed by “Tops” (as yet there are no YOGi “Bottoms” available. You will then be asked to “select a proof for reference”. Select the “Jersey” (left hand) one. You will then be able to select which of the tops you wish to order.

Important!!!! The closing date for ordering is 7th November.

Once your orders have been manufactured and are received by us (approximately 6 weeks after the closing date) we will inform you so that you can arrange for collection.

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5 Responses to Club Kit Order – Winter 2014 – Closing Date 7th November

  1. Ian Roberts says:


    Before placing any kit orders please check in the yogi store, there are a number of bits of kit available at under half price……….. Click on the link (yogi store)on the front of the yogi home page (on the central black bar).

  2. Ian Roberts says:

    Hi all,

    If anyone is after the little mini jerseys for their cars, they are available using champ systems above.

  3. Ian Roberts says:

    There are number of different levels of jersey and shorts available. This includes a carbon material for the minted and also the new reflective material kit as well ohhhhhh!

  4. Ian Roberts says:

    Hi all,

    Just a quick up date, the kit order is going through now and should be with us within six weeks. When the kit arrives I will put a post up with collection details.


  5. Ian Roberts says:

    Latest update,

    The order is due to be dispatched from Thailand on the 15th of Dec and should get to me four days later. If your desperate to have it before Xmas drop me an email to and we can make arrangements regards collection.

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