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This handy “YOGi Identification Guide” will help you put a name to that face you were riding alongside last Saturday! If you’re a member and you don’t see yourself here, please send us or upload a photo (see the Upload a Photo facility in the sidebar on the right).

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  1. Yifat Fay says:

    Hi Steve Clare, can’t see my photo in the members gallery.
    If you need me to email it to you again just let me know.
    Since we spoke I have sent a request for the Yogi Facebook but haven’t had any reply.
    Thanks Yifat

    • Alex Haste says:

      Hi Yifat. Alex here. Hope your well. To be honest the members gallery is long overdue either a update or to be taken off website as it hasnt been used for a while. In regards to your Facebook request, please message Lynda Budd. Lynda is a Admin member for the Facebook page.
      Hope too see you soon.

  2. Paul Cunningham says:


    surely there are more than one person who can give access to the FB page by now and as you are the only one who seems to answer all the questions on here why haven’t you got admin rights???

  3. Lynda Budd says:

    Hi Paul
    In answer to your question there are 5 admins for the yogi Facebook page. I check it everyday mostly and the last request was only submitted this morning so I don’t think a 12 hr turnaround is too bad. She has now been approved. People are more than welcome to contact me but I’m sure you will appreciAte that it is not just a case of hitting the approve button but checking the members list once it’s been updated.
    Alex has taken on the organisation of the rides which is a big enough job. I would kindly ask you to understand that although I may not comment on here there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. For example today – I’ve been talking with 3 first aid providers as we need to follow up on our first aid course from last yeAr but I don’t shout about that and don’t make mention of it until i have Something concrete planned.

  4. Mike Everett says:

    Hi guys, I’m not really narcistic but please let me know how to update my picture in the members gallery. I think my son may have submitted the one on show!!!!

  5. Alex Haste says:

    Evening Mike. I’ll look into this for you, as discussed above. This section is long overdue and not touched for some time. So it’s whether we continue with it or wipe altogether

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