Off Road Ride for Roadies and MTBers – Saturday 23rd July

Hi Everyone,

Ian and me had the thought its about time we had another light hearted off road Saturday ride option and as a number of us now own Gravel/Adventure/Cross Bikes thought we would pick a route that is suitable for those and MTB’s.  This is not a intended to be a full on thrash day more suitable to pretty much anyone who has some off road riding experience.  The MTBers will be setting the pace not the faster Gravel/Cross riders 🙂

Yes expect tricky bits otherwise its not worth calling it an off road ride 🙂 and especially for those not on MTB’s you may have to resort to the odd short ‘hike a bike’ approach.

We will meet as usual at YOGi HQ Coypool for the 09:00 start!

Route is Wander up the Plym Valley – Yelverton (can meet us here approx. 10 am) – Burrator – Old Mine Lane – Leather Tor – Descent to Drakes Leat – Up Widow Maker (some parts are pretty technical but fun!) – Nuns Cross Bridleway – Princetown (a beer if we wanna be radical or if not then coffee/cake here) – From here we will decide which way back from either :-

Back on the Nuns Cross Bridleway via the Scout hut and Burrator – Yelverton – Home

or down the old railway line to Burrator -Yelverton – Home

Would be good to get some idea of who is likely to join us so comment below if so!

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6 Responses to Off Road Ride for Roadies and MTBers – Saturday 23rd July

  1. Richard Shotton says:

    Hi Steve, what will you be riding, cx or MTB?

    • Steve Clare says:

      My Hardtail most likely Richard, but don’t let that deter you from taking the your Arkose :). I have ridden my Niner Gravel bike on most of this route and it is easily doable for 99% of the route.

      • Richard Shotton says:

        I was thinking of my maybe my Rockhopper as a better steed, but can’t quite make my mind up. Too many choices, this is where n+1 goes wrong.

  2. Trevor Monk says:

    Hi Steve,
    I fancy having a go at this on my cross bike.
    I will have to cut off early as it is our daughters birthday party tomorrow pm.

  3. Jez Ralph says:

    I’ll be out on my cross bike, probably meet you at Yelverton due to extreme laziness.

  4. Richard Shotton says:

    Sorry Steve C. Looks like I’ll be doing the road ride as I’ve just discovered my front disc brake pads have worn down to ‘urgent replacement’ level. Good job I checked. Have a good time and I’ll be out next time I hope.

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