Saturday A Road ride – 13th May

Thanks to Dave Palmer for volunteering to lead the A team this week, plan is; B&Q start. Out to Ivybridge via Ridgeway. Out to Wrangaton and up and over South Brent before descending way down into Buckfastleigh for Coffee at the Train Station. Same route back in reverse obviously Thanks again and have a good ride all

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Saturday B Road ride – 13th May

Emma & Nikki will be taking this weeks B ride for the 1st time. Now Ive assured them you will go easy on them, but I actually feel it may be the other way around! We all know how a female can chat themselves up hills lol. Their plan as follows; 9am B&Q start. Out to Ivybridge via Ridgeway. Onto Wrangaton and out to Cali Cross. Where its a left then down to Gara bridge and up the other side. Moreleigh ontowards Dartmouth via the Woodlands Adv Park road. Before descending down into Dartmouth its a right turn to Stoke … Read more…


Saturday D road ride – 13th May

Mike Smith will be captaining the D ride. Plan is as follows; Meet at ferry for 0800 then 2 up to trerulefoot and back to Anthony. Group ride to Rame then across to Seaton for coffee. Then Hessenford, Trerulefoot, Tideford, St ive, Callington and home.


Saturday B Road ride – 6th May

Will he wont he is the question?? Depending on the weather, Andy Burch may be taking the B ride. Should he not, could we ask that someone else step in to fill his boots and determine a route on the morning.

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Saturday A Road ride – 6th May

Mr Shotton has stepped in as a volunteer to lead the A ride this weekend, hes a man with a plan; HQ, Torpoint, Polbathic then back lanes to Kit Hill. Back via Saltash and Crownhill Road. Cafe stop tbc Approx 44 miles and 3600ft

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Saturday Leisure & C Road ride – 6th May

Sadly no Leisure or C ride leader has stepped forward as of yet. However these rides will continue to proceed as per usual. We just ask that someone steps forward to lead and determine a route on the morning of. I wont be about tomorrow morning for shout outs, as I’m needing to be back after lunch, so out earlier. But have a fun and importantly safe ride tomorrow if you venture out.

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Summer Series – Round 2 (Team TT) Wed 17th May

So after a successful YOGi Individual TT in round 1, we go on to Round Two. Round 2 is a Team Time Trial event on Wednesday 17th May at 630pm using course S3/13S The Modbury / California Cross / Ermington Valley loop (Approx 13 miles). For this event, we are encouraging members to comment below to confirm their attendance. It is planned that this be a 2up TTT, based on the number of riders who took part in round 1. Should we have more numbers, this could be changed to a 3up TTT. Please therefore confirm your name and your riding … Read more…


Saturday D Road ride – 6th May

The ever reliable Mike Smith is leading the d ride this weekend; Shorter route for Saturday approx. 75 miles. 0830 B&Q – Totnes – Bovey Tracy – Manaton climb – Holne Chase – Princetown for coffee – home. If its raining too much may well leave out the Holne part.

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Saturday Leisure, A and C ride – 29th April

With the Dartmoor Demon taking place today, its anticipated many members taking part and the best of luck to them. This has left numbers short for volunteering as a ride leader. However be assured all Club rides will proceed as nornal. We just ask that a Leisure, A and C ride leader are determined at HQ this morning along with a suitable route. Have a good weekend all

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Saturday B Road ride – 29th April

Thanks to Mr B for volunteering to Lead the B this weekend, his route as follows; Totnes Steamer Quay loop HQ to Ivybridge,Ermington,up the valley, out to Cally X, down to Garra Bridge, out to Morleigh, back roads to Harberton,on to Totnes for cafe stop at the Steamer Quay (booked) back via Dartington, then back roads to Rattery, SouthBrent, Ivybridge and back, Total mileage 52 with 4700 feet of climbing usual B Ride pace

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Saturday D Road ride – 29th April

Mike returns this week to the D group with a cracking route, plan is; 0830 B&Q. Roborough, Tavistock, Launceston, Boscastle, coads green, Kelly bray and home. Tail wind up, against the wind back but on fast roads. cheers. Have a good ride all.

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Saturday Leisure Road ride – 22nd April

The Leisure ride will continue as per usual this weekend and we kindly ask that a ride leader & route be determined on the morning. Have a good weekend all

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Saturday D Road Ride – 22nd April

Well I had put my name down to lead the D ride this weekend, however Matt Robinsons suggested route looked like a good one. So its over to him and his plan is; 8.30am Jollys car park. With Sportives on the horizon thought it would be good to get some hills in…(Did you now????) Deux Alps route up to Lee Moor / Wottor, Cadover, Yelverton & Walkhampton. On towards Tavistock via Jordan Lane but then a right to Pork Hill up to Princetown – Two Bridges – left take on Widdecombe climb – Ashburton – Buckfastleigh for a very well … Read more…

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Saturday C Road ride – 22nd April

Thanks to Steve Cross for volunteering to lead his 1st C ride this weekend His route will be as per the link below. Coffee stop at the Lifton Farm shop Ride will be within the 14-16 av and a perfect opportunity for B riders to take the step up. Approx 66 miles

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Saturday A Road ride – 22nd April

Thank you to the very reliable Andy Greaves for volunteering to lead again this week; This week we are heading out to Bantham, here’s the route – HQ, Cot hill, Plymstock, Modbury, Aveton Gifford, Bantham cafe for refreshments. Then back towards Churchstow, Loddiswell, California cross, Wrangaton, Ivybridge, Plympton and HQ route can be found here – Pace around 12. 45 miles approx and all usual Yogi rules apply.