Saturday B Road Ride – 18th Feb

Thanks to Andy Greaves this week, for volunteering his services to lead the B ride. The plan as follows; This is a ride we did back in October with a very slight change in route. HQ-out through Plympton to the Lyneham – Ivybridge – Ermington – Avonwick – Totnes – Dartington – Buckfastleigh. Cafe stop at the train station in Buckfastleigh. Then head back home through South Brent – Ivybridge and Plympton. Distance is 45 Miles with 4000 feet elevation. Pace will be around 12-14. Usual Yogi rules apply. Andy route can be viewed here-

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Saturday C Road ride – 18th Feb

Thanks to Adrian Longman for leading the C ride this week on what looks like another cracking ride (another one missed for me!) Saturday C Road Ride – 18th Feb The plan for this weeks ride is a Doccombe, Teign Valley loop that goes like this :- The route is 73 miles with plenty of climbing in the first half and pan flat for the return leg, don’t quote me on that! Looking forward to it already, see you there. Cheers

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Saturday A Road Ride – 11th Feb

The A ride will continue as per usual, however we kindly ask that a route and ride leader is determined on the Morning at HQ Have a good ride all

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Saturday Leisure Road ride – 11th Feb

Thanks to Ray and Jim this weekend, who are planning on taking the Leisure ride out to Tavistock via the Plymbridge Woods cycle path. With a cafe stop at Bob’s for one of the famous Phat Boyz Fry ups no doubt! Have a good ride all  

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Saturday C Road Ride – 11th Feb

Mike Smith is the man leading this weeks C road ride, his plan is as follows; Keeping to low ground due to cold conditions. Standard Dartmouth loop, nice steady pace due to overindulgence on his Holidays. 0900 B&Q.  


Saturday B Road ride – 11th Feb

Thanks to Andy Burch for leading the B Ride this weekend, the plan is as follows; Seaton loop B&Q at 9:00 Forder Valley /Crownhill to the Tamar Bridge, leaving the bridge at 09:40 ish. Out to Hatt, Pilaton Tideford Cross Tideford, St Germans, Polbathic, Hessenford and café stop at Seaton. Back via Downderry to Tregantle (lightweight option to Torpoint 🙂 ) or round Rame Head , Millbrook St John Torpoint and back on the ferry. Full route around 51 miles, bring your winter warmers !

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MTB Ride For All (Cross/Gravel Bikes Also Welcome) – Saturday 11th February

As Saturday looks like being a raw ole’ day preceded by a decent dry spell, seems the perfect opportunity for a good long MTB ride usual start time of 09:00. I’m pretty sure most of this route can be ridden on a Cross/Gravel Bike too, though if that be your choice, do be aware that the ride aims to suit all levels so could be a tad slow on the climbs and a bit fast on the downs. We will see:)! Whatever it is going to be a club ride not an all-out suffer fest!  Plan is to stay reasonably low down … Read more…

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Newport Velodrome Trip

Newport Velodrome Just gaining feedback and interest at this stage and nothing set in stone. So after another very successful trip to the Velodrome last year and small previous years before that. We have decided to look into the availability of two trips in 2017 (1x Early Season & 1x End of Season) For those who haven’t been before, it really is a fantastic experience!! I’ve received dates and whilst there is bucket loads of available dates at the end of the Season. There is very little at the beginning!. The soonest and only available date in fact is 8am … Read more…

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Calling all Ladies!!

Calling any interested ladies. We have 2 Breeze ride leaders training courses to offer ( 1 already taken) with a view to providing bridging rides to help encourage more women into club riding. If you are interested in becoming a British Cycling qualified ride leader and willing to share your expertise monthly or every other month. Please contact Becky Pengelly by 11/2/2017 so that she is able to put your name down for this fantastic opportunity. As above you can make contact by leaving a comment below, sending a email to or direct by Facebook PM

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Official Road rides – Starting Locations

Following recent discussion at both the Road ride Sub Group meeting and the Club Commitee meeting. It has been decided to Trial over the coming months, the option of different starting locations for our Official Road rides. B&Q or “Furniture World” Car Park as it soon may have to be adopted. Will continue to be our HQ following a recent agreement. However the decision to change starting locations will allow more variant in routes, especially for those riding on the Leisure or A road rides who are restricted by their maximum mileage allowance. This will be at a policy of only … Read more…


Leisure, A and D Ride – 4th Feb

Unfortunately no Leader or Route has been determined for the Leisure, A and D ride this weekend. However all 3 rides will continue as per usual. We kindly ask that a Leader (Shared Leadership) & Route are determined in the morning. Have a great ride and weekend all

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Saturday B Road ride – 4th Feb

Thanks again to Justin Cartwright who has volunteered to lead the B this weekend; B route – Bantham via Lodiswell. Home via Brownston. Cafestop at Bantham Village Shop 45 miles ish.

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Saturday C Road ride – 4th Feb

Thanks to Adrian Longman for volunteering to lead the C ride this weekend. Saturday C Road Ride – 4th Feb The plan this week is to do the reverse loop of a Holne loop we did a couple of weeks ago. So its out to Yelverton,Horrabridge,Moorshop,Pork and Merrivale,Twobridges towards Dartmeet,Hexworthy,Holne,Ashburton. Coffee stop at Buckfastleigh and home. Approx 60 miles with plenty of elevation.


Saturday B Road ride – 28th Jan

Thanks to Justin Cartwright for volunteering to lead the B ride this week, his route is as follows; B route. Cornwood, Burrator, Horrabridge, Sampford Spiney, Harford Bridge, Bobs. Route home is Chaddlehanger, Longcross, Gulworthy, Denham Bridge. About 45 miles – staying close to home in case weather turns.

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Saturday A Road Ride – 28th Jan

Trevor Monk and his Glamorous assistance Simon Rooke, will be very kindly leading the A ride this weekend, their route is as follows; Route will be B&Q,Crownhill, Tamar Bridge, Hatt, Back lanes to Seaton cafe, then back via Torpoint ferry.