Saturday 14-16 Road ride – 10th Feb

Phil Knight is the man in shining armour this weekend. His plan;

The forecast looks a bit damp but I am happy to lead a 14-16 road ride out to SE Cornwall, Seaton Beach Cafe and back. Around 45 miles. Will confirm route with riders who show up on Saturday morning

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4 Responses to Saturday 14-16 Road ride – 10th Feb

  1. Andrew Greaves says:

    Can’t make the ride this week Phil , hope you all have a good ride.

  2. Mike Woodrow says:

    Don’t forget the pothole on the last left handed on the descent into Downderry if your going that way.

  3. Andrew Jameson says:

    Great ride led by Phil Knight to Seaton. Interesting weather!!
    Alex – what happened to rule 5?!

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