Saturday 14-16 Road ride – 30th Sept

Andy Greaves is your man leading the 14-16 this week;

As its still September and not too cold to go up onto the moors (and no mention of rain in the forcast), this week we will be doing the Ashburton/Poundsgate/Dartmeet climb (Oh lucky you!!!)

The route can be viewed here –

Cafe stop will be at Fox Tor at 30 miles into ride, so come prepared with plenty of snacks etc.
50 miles with 5000 feet elevation.

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  1. Andrew Greaves says:

    The weather forecast has changed somewhat since the start of the week, if when we get to Buckfastliegh, its looks like its going to be too wet and cold to get up onto Dartmoor, we can head into Totnes for coffee and then head back towards Avonwick and Ermington. Will have group decision on the day.

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