Saturday 14-16 Road ride – 4th Nov

14-16 ride joint lead Andy Burch and J Warren Esq (Extreme Adventure Cyclist )

HQ for 09;00 pick up at Tamar Bridge 09:30 ish, Hatt , Pillaton Tideford Cross Cutmere Lane , Tideford, St Germans Polbathic, up the hill to Narkurs (avoiding valley road closure at Seaton) drop down to Seaton for café stop, then Downderry Hill, usual cut off at Tregantle for those that want a short cut, but the ride will continue on the coast road to Kingsand then down to Millbrook and back roads to St John and back to the ferry, there maybe some dog dirty roads so bring your best winter steed

50 miles approx. with some hillage, lets hope for a dry one

Thanks chaps. Alex

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5 Responses to Saturday 14-16 Road ride – 4th Nov

  1. Nikki Bray says:

    Can I just check that we don’t have to go round this loop for 24 hours?! And also I just cleaned my bike today!

  2. Darren Mugleston says:

    mmmm… further bike cleaning will be needed. Overshoes will be essential, especially for the Saltash to Tideford part.

  3. Andy Burch says:

    We’re not ruling out some semi off road type action 😉🚴🏽😱🚵🏂

  4. Bill Booth says:

    Will see you at Tamar Bridge Andy cheers Bill

  5. Bill Booth says:

    Andy, great ride thanks and great company as always Bill

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