Saturday 16th March Road Rides Cancelled

Hi all, having swapped a few messages, we are cancelling all club road rides for tomorrow now because the forecast is virtually certain it’s going to be a severe storm day from the outset.

March hasn’t been cycling friendly yet as it! Still in like a Lion out like a Lamb so tradition says!

Simon at least plans to take a ride out on Sunday which is expected to be a better day. Anyone else who wants to do so please post accordingly.

It will of course be considered an official club ride for insurance purposes. Should however the forecast deteriorate (unlikely at the moment) then we will have to review.

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  1. Simon Pope says:

    Thanks Steve, I’ll post details later but Sunday will be a 15-17 ride and probably aiming for 50-60 miles with options to cut short if the weather deteriorates or it’s just a sufferfest!

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