Saturday B Road ride – 13th May

Emma & Nikki will be taking this weeks B ride for the 1st time. Now Ive assured them you will go easy on them, but I actually feel it may be the other way around! We all know how a female can chat themselves up hills lol. Their plan as follows;

9am B&Q start. Out to Ivybridge via Ridgeway. Onto Wrangaton and out to Cali Cross. Where its a left then down to Gara bridge and up the other side. Moreleigh ontowards Dartmouth via the Woodlands Adv Park road.

Before descending down into Dartmouth its a right turn to Stoke Fleming and down to Blackpool sands for coffee.

Climb up and out and along Torcross / Slapton sands. Heading back to Kingsbride. Discuss to be had as to whether to take main road back via Aveton Gifford and Modbury or whether to take the more scenic and quiet route via Loddiswell, past the Chilli Farm and back to Kitford Cross for a Ermington descent(The latter would be my choice)

Route is approx 65 miles.

Thanks again both and enjoy



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10 Responses to Saturday B Road ride – 13th May

  1. Andrew Greaves says:

    Hope all goes well Emma & Nikki, sorry I cant make your ride this week.

  2. Jonathan Keable says:

    Andy, I intend to join this ride. With Emma & Nikki it’s guaranteed sunshine.

  3. Chris Lewis says:

    Hi Emma & Nikki,
    I’ll see you at Wrangaton at the Cali Cross turning if that’s ok. I’ll be there from 9.45 to 10.15, just keep going if you don’t see me.
    Looks like a good route, look forward to it.

    • Emma Whiteley says:

      Ok Chris. I’m guessing you mean by puffing Billy bike shop… please be aware that A,B and C ride will be going that way so pick up the correct ride 😉 hopefully will be passing through at around 9.45am – 10am

      • Chris Lewis says:

        Yes, that’s the spot, I quite often meet Yogi B there. I’ll check that I join the right ride. Please don’t wait if for some reason I’m not there.

  4. Carl Rugman says:

    Thanks to Emma, Nikki and Greg for a great ride. Not one wrong turn

  5. Greg Mack says:

    Thanks Emma, Nikki. Great ride and nice group of guys and girls, Sorry for not stopping at end needed to get home. Cheers Greg.

  6. Andy Burch says:

    Thanks Nikki and Emma for leading, great ride and group,also thanks to Greg for some new lanes on the way back, a fine day out :))

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