Saturday D Road Ride – 21st May

For those brave and hardy souls familiar with the Keepers of the Cog and in particular Rule #9  the plan for tomorrow is as follows:

Actually nothing too epic!  I’d suggest we plan for a Totnes loop, out through Plymstock, Yealmpton and Ermington then up the valley and straight on to Avonwick and the top road to Totnes before heading back through Dartington and South Brent.  Option of a coffee stop at Totnes if needed or back to Rockets to relive our heroics?

If it’s really horrific that will probably be enough but if it’s better than the forecast plenty of options to extend the ride, as always happy to go with the flow…

Please post below if you’re planning on coming or I may opt for a lie in and a later ride in better weather in the afternoon.  Come on, I never actually claimed to be a badass!  🙂


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6 Responses to Saturday D Road Ride – 21st May

  1. James Cox says:

    Was hoping to make a ride with you chaps this weekend but think i will take shelter and wait for some better weather in the afternoon (I hope!)

    Have a good one

  2. James Cox says:

    Could always do a longer ride early doors Sunday as weather looks to be better?

    Anyway let me know what you guys fancy tomorrow time wise

  3. Simon Pope says:

    Ok chaps, will check the forecast in the morning and see if it looks better later or if we go for a Sunday ride.
    Looking forward to a lay-in now 🙂

  4. Simon Pope says:

    So looks slightly better tomorrow morning so was thinking of doing a Slapton loop if anyone fancies it?!
    I’ll be at B&Q for 8…maybe see you there!

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