Saturday Leisure Ride – 22nd November

It’s my turn to lead the Leisure Ride this week and, as everyone seemed to like it (or didn’t say otherwise!), I thought we’d use the route that we tried out the last time I led.

Meet at B&Q at 09:00 and then exit Plymouth via the Ridgeway, Deep Lane, Lee Mill and the cycle path to Ivybridge. Here we’ll cross the A38 and head toward Ermington but take the left turn to Penquit. From Penquit we’ll cross the Erme valley and ride up the hill to take the Ridge Road to the top of the Erme Valley and Kittaford Cross where we’ll head for the Junction Cafe at Wrangaton.

After the cafe stop we’ll head back for Plymouth via Ivybridge and Cornwood but with a slightly different route via Langage, Venton and Sparkwell.

The distance is approximately 31 miles and the cafe stop is at the 16 mile point.

Some photos from the ride (just click on the image):

YOGi Leisure Ride
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2 Responses to Saturday Leisure Ride – 22nd November

  1. Graham Lang says:

    Thanks to (in alphabetical order!) Donna, Elaine, Helen, Helen (there were two of them!), Jo, Lou, Rachael, Susann and the weather(!) for a great ride. I’ve put a link above to some of the photos that I took.

    Helen, I didn’t realise that you’d left us at Ivybridge. If I’d known I would have offered to help with your gears again (or, at least, said goodbye!).

  2. Jo Turpin says:

    Thanks for the great ride, Graham, thoroughly enjoyed it! That route has become my favourite. My husband got an earful for supplying me with a duff inner tube when I got home. Suffice to say he won’t be doing it again 😀

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