Saturday Leisure Ride – 6th June

B&Q – Embankment – Barbican – West Hoe – Millbay – Torpoint Ferry – Raleigh – Antony – Tregantle – back lane to Millbrook – Anderton – Maker (cafe stop at The Canteen at Maker Heights) – Cawsand – Rame – Tregonhawke – Donkey lane (down) – St John – Raleigh – Home. (circa 30m)


Jonathan Keable

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4 Responses to Saturday Leisure Ride – 6th June

  1. Richard Shotton says:

    Exellent ride JR & we kept to the planned 10 mph avg as per YOGI philosophy lol. Brill company made even better by the weather. Thanks all. Still coughing badly however.

  2. Jonathan Keable says:

    Thanks Richard, average went up when you overtook us on the dash to the ferry!! Didn’t hear a cough then! LOL

  3. Richard Shotton says:

    Thanks for the Captain Jaspers tea, it allowed me to average 28 mph along Embankment Road. I paid for it next day as I was coughing like I’d smoked 40 Woodbine’s a day all my life!

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