Spring / Summer 2018 – TT Series, Relay & Hill Climb

And so we go again!

I’m very pleased to announce the return & 2nd year of our Spring / Summer TT Series. With a mix of both Individual and Team events whilst each month will mark a different course. These events will be club lead and taking place on a Tuesday night rather than a Wednesday this year. This to maximise the numbers of participants. whilst allowing members to continue riding club Wednesday night rides and the possible introduction of a YOGi Chain gang on Wednesdays also. We had a excellent turn out last year and i’m hoping we can go one better this year. It is open to all members of YOGi regardless of experience, fitness or skill.

Round 1 starts off with a Individual Time Trial on Tuesday 17th April at 630pm using the well known Ermington Valley course. Starting at the very bottom of the Course (Westlake Junction). It will be a ride up to the valley to just beyond the Kitford Cross junction. A quick and safe turn around and then back down the valley to the start / finish line. (approx 10 miles)

Round 2 will be on Tuesday 15th May at 7pm. This will be ideally a 3up Team Time Trial event on the Hilly 13 course. Modbury / California Cross / Ermington Valley loop (Approx 13 miles).

Round 3 will be on Tuesday 19th June at 7pm. This will again be ideally a 3up Team Time Trial event using course S19/16S. This starts at HMS Raleigh and heads up to Trerulefoot Roundabout and back again. Going through Anthony, Sheviock and Polbathic. With the finishing point at the entrance of Anthony House.

Round 4 will see a return visit to the Ermington Valley on Tuesday 17th July at 7pm. As a way of seeing whether you can beat your last time within round 1.

Round 5 sees something new and slightly different. CTT are strict on what roads we can use under their Guidance / Insurance. Hence the repetitiveness of the routes above (Very few official routes in our area) So using the newly redirected and tarmacked road to Lee Moor but before Deux Alps climb (AKA I name this section Dave!!!) Starting at the brow of the Descent onto the new road and turning around at the Cattle grid before descending to Deux Alps I’d like to put on a 2up Team relay on a Tuesday night in August (exact date TBC nearer to the time)

Round 6 Will see a Hill Climb, likely to be taking place on a Saturday morning rather than a midweek evening due to Sunset times. This will happen one Saturday during September with the exact date and Hill Climb route to be confirmed nearer to the time.

Entrance fees for rounds 1-4 is set at £3 and paid upon arrival. This fee ensures you are suitably covered by CTT insurance. However as always, we recommend that each rider has their own insurance, for absolute peace of mind. Entrance to Round 5 & 6 will be free.

Upon arrival for each event, we request that you sign on. Signing on will take place within Ermington Village (Outside the Crooked Spire) for rounds 1, 2 and 4. Round 3 signing on will be outside the entrance to HMS Raleigh. Once registered we aim to set you off shortly after. Riders start times will be staggered. All rides must be finished before Sunset.

Marshall’s & Timekeepers will be required to ensure the events go to plan, so if you are able to help please let me know. Anyone wishing not to take part, it would also be great to still have you there as support for those participating and to perhaps take some actions shots?

Please remember this is all for fun, although we do encourage a little competitive banter. Its hoped that these events, will allow those a better insight into the racing world. Anyone wishing to take part in open competitions, be assured that YOGi are certified with CTT, thereby allowing you entry under our Club name. However for the Spring / Summer TT events, these are for paid members only and is not an open event.

Hope to see you there again this year and don’t forget also, that the Newport Velodrome has been booked for Sunday 7th October. Full details to be posted nearer to the time to generate interest and numbers.

Here’s to a great 2018

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6 Responses to Spring / Summer 2018 – TT Series, Relay & Hill Climb

  1. Andrew Greaves says:

    Alex, will the coffee and cake van be in attendance this year?
    Also thanks for organizing these events for the club.
    If you’ve never done these events before i can strongly recommend having a crack at them. We had a wide range of abilities last year and everyone found it very rewarding.

    • Alex Haste says:

      Thanks Andy, its a pleasure doing them to be honest.
      I’m in talks with Chino Rose Coffee company again, to see whether they can cover and will confirm in due course
      Couldn’t have said better myself Andy!!!

  2. Alex Haste says:

    ***Chino Rose Coffee / Cake Van will be in attendance, so bring your coppers***

  3. Andrew Greaves says:

    That good news. Nice cup of coffee and a piece of cake after TT, well earned.

  4. Colin Stuckey says:

    Do you enter on the night?

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