Torbay Velopark – 4th July ***New time of 7-9pm***

Hi all

We have come around to our last visit of the Torbay Velopark and i’m keen to sign off in style. As this could also determine whether we opt to do the same again next year,

Therefore following review, the track booking times have been moved back to 7-9pm rather than the existing 6-8pm. I hope this encourages more to take part and allows those to come who haven’t previously, due to work commitments .

Please confirm your names below as wanting to attend. No group ride training planned, ,unless of course we a number of people come forward as wanting this as an option.

Hope to see you next Tuesday

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3 Responses to Torbay Velopark – 4th July ***New time of 7-9pm***

  1. Chris Lewis says:

    Thanks Alex, I will do laps or am happy to join in with the group training again.

  2. Peter Cantin says:

    Thanks Alex. Late notice I know but I’ll be there. Happy with either laps or group ride training, although could use some training if there others also want to do this.

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