YOGi 2017 Social / Event Calendar – An action packed season of fun!

Hi all

After a quiet 2016 for organised Club riding events, barring the Velodrome trip late on in the year. I’m very excited to confirm that this wont be the case this year and that we have an action packed season ahead of us. So get your pencils, pads and diaries out and start writing. Below is a quick insight into the events you can expect within 2017. With further and more indepth details to be posted per event nearer to the time of each event.

Summer Series / League

As many of you may be aware. I’ve been working on organising a series of ITT’s, TTT’s and Hill Climbs. Unfortunately I was too late last year with submitting plans to the Cycling Time Trial board, however this year I started early to ensure we didn’t miss out and I’m pleased to announce that permissions have been granted. This series of races is open to members of the club only and is no more than a bit of fun. However i beleive it will also give experience to those who wish to have a insight into some form of racing.

These events will take place once a month starting at 630pm / 7pm barring the dates in June & October. Full details and a separate post are to follow on how points are awarded, cost of entrance fees and basically everything thats involved. But for now and for those wishing to take part. Please note down these dates,

Wed 19th April, Wed 17th May, Wed 19th July, Wed 6th Sept and Saturday 7th October

Torbay Velopark

We have a fantastic outdoors cycling facility right on our doorstep in the form of Torbay velopark and we are yet to really utilise this as a club. Therefore I’ve booked 3x Two hour evening sessions during the Summer, in which we can use the Track for Group riding and Leader Training. Now be assured, it’s not all education & training. Especially as I’m sure there will be many of us chomping at the bit (I know I am) to pedal hard and have a few timed laps & fun races. Dates as follows and a separate post to be provided nearer to the first session.

Tuesday 2nd May, Tuesday 6th June and Tuesday 4th July. Track time 6pm -8pm

YOGi T.O.B ride 

Simon Pope will be organising a YOGi Tour of Britain ride. An exact date and route will be provided in due course, but as a sneak peak the route is likely to follow that of the route and Haytor summit completed on last year’s race. So keep an eye out for details.

Newport Velodrome Trip 

We will again be returning to the Newport Velodrome on Sunday 15th October for a 4 hour Track session (2-6pm)

Like last year, the cost of attending will include the track hire itself, a qualified Coach, Bike hire and coach transport to and from the venue. A separate post will be provided with full details of cost per head etc and requesting names of those who wish to attend, nearer to the time of the event itself.

The Velodrome trip is one we have been doing for many years now and is a success everything. If you have never experienced the adrenaline of a Indoor Track area. Then I cannot recommend this event enough.

Other social events

Other Social events during the year will include the Club AGM (Date tbc) and the Christmas do which will again take place at the same venue as last year (Crownhill Fort)

We may also look at organising an official Club ride weekend trip to France.

I’ve posted on behalf of the Road side of the club, however i’m certain the MTB side will also be putting on various excellent events throughout the year.

We also welcome and encourage your own Social events and ideas. Which we will support and promote as best we can.


All thats left to say is that I can’t wait for the Season to start and I hope you join us in taking part or supporting those taking part, in as many of the events as possible. If you have any questions, please do let me know.


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  1. Adrian Longman says:

    Nice one guys, certainly looking forward to having a go at a TT or two. Well done.

  2. Kim Wiltshire says:

    Any details on the TT’s, other than the dates?

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