12 -14 Christmas Road Ride -Saturday 23rd December

Hi All,

As I expect it will be damp and hence some (me for one) would like to have some dry clothes /Christmas Jumpers etc to swap into at the Burrator, we will meet as usual at Coypool and head to The Burrator Pub to leave a bag of clothes there. ETA 10 am so anyone who prefers can meet us there then. I have a plan to leave my camper there so can be used as bag store but that is subject to me getting up early enough :)).

Route will be Walkampton – Horrabridge – Jordan Lane – Moorshop – Harford Bridge – Wallabrook – Tavistock – Drakes Trail (Café stop at Grenofen) – Pound – Crapstone – Burrator Pub.

Please be aware though that if numbers are low (weather and Christmas shopping related) it therefore makes sense to combine this ride with the 10 -12 we will cut out the few miles to Wallabrook and turn left at Harford Bridge to Tavistock.

Will be great to see some decorated bikes and/or riders by the way!

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