14-16 ride Saturday 22nd December

here is the planned route for Saturday. Please note we should arrive at the Burrator Pub around 10 am to pick up anyone wishing to start from here.

The route is shorter than usual this week, so we should have time to visit Bobs for Coffee (Terry), and arrive back at the Burrator pub for 12.30 for the pre- Christmas club get together. If we are a little ahead of time we can do a lap of Burrator at the end.

9am at HQ – Borington hill – Cadover – Meavy – Burrator pub for 10am – PrinceTown – TwoBridges – Merrivale – Pork Hill – Tavistock – Stopping at Bobs Cafe -Whitchurch – Walkhampton- Burrator Pub.

route can be viewed here –


see you Saturday


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