Saturday 14 Road Ride – 27th October……..ROADFORD πŸ™‚

Remember the route from a couple of weeks ago, which we never quite achieved (but still did near as many miles!), well this Saturday WE WILL get to Roadford!……. the big difference this week is hereΒ , click to open itΒ and see the difference!….. big πŸ™‚ ‘s

Apart from that the route planned is as below……….

β€˜14’ riders we are heading North this weekend! Roadford Reservoir is the destination, and the cafe stop! Total distance is going to be just over 60 miles, we start in our normal spot, then over via Cadover to Yelverton where we can pick up those who need a lay in, we will be leaving there at 10:15. After that it’s Whitchurch to Batterbridge and then a short stretch towards Tavistock before turning right up towards Brent Tor, cutting across to the West we’ll then head down that lovely descent into Chillaton and then North over the A30 and onto the reservoir for a cafe stop.

Back tracking after the stop we’ll pick up the old A30 into Lifton before turning South and the long climb out. We’ll pick up the fast route down to Gulworthy and over towards Bere Alston and then diving down to Denham bridge and the easy (?) climb out and up to Roborough Down. There after it’s a short trip into town and back to our start.

It’s a great route and one we don’t do too often so a bit of a change for most.Β  We will be back between 2 and 3 depending on wind, rain, motivation and how warm the cafe is when we get there!!!

Route is here for those who’d like to take a look πŸ™‚

Oh….and I’ll be leading the ride with the assistance of some unaware and yet to be named helpers!


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