Saturday 16 Road Ride – 19th January

Due to the current weather conditions on Dartmoor and the forecast for this evening, the proposed 16 ride (to Barnstaple) will be rescheduled for another weekend.

Please keep checking the comments below this post regarding any revised route for tomorrow.

Please note, therefore, that the following ride is shown here for info only and will take place over the coming weeks.

On Saturday the 19th January I thought I would offer something different on the 16 ride. I will be leading a ride to Barnstable across both moors so I am calling it the “2 moors 100”. I’ve done this route myself a couple of times and it is really great. It can divided into 3 parts; Plymouth – Exeter, Exeter – Dulverton, and lastly the climb and descent over Exmoor. I think the middle section is something special with the road following the river. That part is flat and easy to maintain a decent speed.  The climbs over Exmoor are longer than they are steep. Also, the ride is not constant up and down rather long climbs with long descents. From about 87 miles it is all downhill ! The ride is not as hard as it might look (honestly) !

The only draw back is that the day will involve a train home which is a bit of a bind with a similar feel to driving home after a sportive away. However I feel it is worth it because it enables us to ride great roads away from Plymouth and is a change of scenery.

The real issue is getting the bikes back on the train because each train has a limited number spaces for bikes. I’ve planned a few options and hope it works out with numbers which given the usual turn out for the 16 is expected to be quite low and thus manageable given the restrictions of the logistics. The cost from Barnstable to Plymouth is £5 after 6pm and I think £9.10 before. Please bring lights. I will be leading the option 1 and so I guess the other options are un-led unless someone steps into that roll. Once I know who wants to come we may consider pre booking the tickets or not because if the weather is forecasted as a Devon wash out the ride will be postponed.

If you expect to ride any of the route please post your intentions below so that on the day we know we can all get on a train ! If lots of people want to do it , then I would lead the ride again in a months time to accommodate the numbers.

Thanks Rob Barnes  ( )

Option 1) The full 2 moors 100.

Ride from Plymouth B&Q, at 9am arrive at Exeter Station 11:45 – refuel.

Ride from Exeter station 12:00. towards Dulverton.

Cafe stop on Exmoor.

Ride to Barnstaple

Train home

Depart Barnstable 17.08 – 18.22 or 18.13 – 19.24 arrive Exeter

Depart Exeter 18.46 – 19.43 or 19.33 – 20.35   arrive Plymouth

Estimated ride time 6.45 plus cafe stop breaks. Ride will average 16.

Depending on numbers we won’t fit on the one train anyway so the above gives two trains for us to get on.

Option 2 )Ride from Exeter to Dulverton and back. 55 flat miles along the Exe Valley with extension by riding further into Exmoor. Estimated ride time 3.15 plus extension and stops.

Meet up at Exeter Station and ride off at 12:00

Plymouth to Exeter train times ( or go by car because there are no limits that way)

Outbound times        Return times

10.25 –  11.21 15.18 – 16.20

10.44 –  11.38  15.46 – 16.46

16.18 – 17.23

16.44 – 17.41

Option 3 ) Ride the start of the route across Dartmoor and turn back when you feel like it with possibilities of – Princetown , Beliver , Moretonhampstead.

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