2019 AGM

Yogi AGM Saturday 14th September 2019

Location: Roborough Village Hall at 2pm

Introduction by Steve Monk, with an explanation of the absences of Committee members Steve Clare, John Allen, Peter Grzelinski  and Alex Haste.

Finance update from Stephen Coker (Treasurer) confirming that there is currently £6600 in the bank. Money spent this year has been on road kit, the Christmas party last year at the Burrator Inn, a few items of MTB kit, and the cost of putting on this AGM. Steve asked for suggestions from club members of ways to spend the money on cycling related activities. He also confirmed that there is a fair amount of road kit still in stock. Steve offered out for any questions, the only one being to ask if we offer loans!!

Road update from Andy confirming that the rides continue to be well supported with an average of 3-4 rides going out on Saturdays. There have not been many additional events this year, so asked for ideas from club members of things that could be done. The Wednesday night rides continue, with usually 2 rides going out, although as the evenings draw in they will be tailing off. For those who wish to have a slower ride on Wednesday, this is something we will be happy to do. Thanked everyone for their support over the past year. Velodrome trip cancelled this year due to lack of numbers, but Alex will be proposing dates for one next year well in advance, so please express your interest when the time comes if you wish to go.

MTB awards by Steve Monk

  • Best performance goes to someone who unfortunately cannot be here today, Lewis Clark for his entry in the 24/12, which he entered on his own, almost as a wild card. He was riding along with a semi-pro rider, he made the full 12 hours with the guy and even podiumed, so a round of applause to him.
  • Most improved rider went to someone who has been with the club for a long time, comes and goes but keeps at it: Debbie Heppell.
  • Best crash, this goes to the person who entered the Southern Enduro, went around and pre rode the course not taking it easy, took a 4 foot jump, with a road gap and the first thing to hit the ground was her face:  Kathy Doidge
  • Club spirit goes to a guy who has been there pretty much from day one, through thick and thin, has led rides, has had a few accidents, keeps threatening to give up, but keeps coming back: Wayne Clare.

Road awards by Andy Greaves

  • Most improved rider goes to the person who has been with us for a few years now, he used to pick and choose his rides based on the number of hills, but not any more. Also if anyone follows the photos, he has a particular stance, which has since been named “the Terry” goes to Terry Casey.
  • Most spectacular crash, this year fortunately there haven’t been many crashes, but the one that stands out is when a chap fell off, and then unfortunately Pete fell on top of him, which resulted in the bike being written off, and the person concerned being out of action for 6 weeks: Andy Burch.
  • Best performance, this was an easy one this year, it goes to someone who rode Le loop, which is the whole of the Tour de France distance, and in fact more, because some of the TDF stages were cut short: Simon Pope.
  • Club spirit goes to someone who regularly leads rides for us, gladly carries a first aid kit around, and even on occasion delivers club members back safely after rides: Dan Richmond.

Steve Monk confirmed that there will be MTB ride leader training organised for next year. This year there is no joint Christmas party, but next year we intend to organise one, so would like members to support that. Trevor kindly made some extra mugs for the ride leaders who give up their time, first one goes to Steve Monk, one for John Allen, and one for Wayne.

From the road side, ride leader mugs were awarded to Phil Beasley, Phil Knight and the third one to Bill Francis.

Steve thanked everyone for coming along today.

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