A Reminder – It’s Membership Renewal Time

Hi Everyone,

If you joined as a first time member anytime in 2017 please ignore the message.

By now you should have received an individual e-mail reminding you to renew your membership for the 1st June 2017 to 31st May 2018 membership year, this e-mail gives all the necessary information and links so without it you will be unable to renew. Therefore if you have not received it or you are having any issues then please let me know using info@yogicycling.com because that means we have either recorded your e-mail incorrectly or it was mistyped when you joined/last renewed.

Thanks to some hard work by John Allan who has put together our new membership system we are expecting few issues and if there are any, we will be able to resolve the majority of them ourselves (okay John will be able to).

It is of course only fair that if you choose not to renew then from 30th June (yes 4 weeks grace), then you no longer attend any of our club rides.  To those who have decided not to remain a YOGi member, we thank you for the time you have been with us and wish you continued happy cycling.

To all those who have already renewed or shortly will do, thank you and it’s great that you are still part of us.



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