Saturday ‘14’ Road Ride – 14th July – Different Meet Point!!!

Can all Saturday ’14’ riders please note that the Saturday ’14’ for this week only, will not be meeting at B&Q but will meet at the car park at the Tamar Bridge Plymouth side instead. The usual meet time of 9am will remain the same.

So please do ensure that you don’t all wander bleary eyed as usual down to B&Q only to discover that you should instead be at the bridge on this occasion… 😉

Mark Reed is going to be your ride leader and you are all off to the Jamaica Inn. His details of the route are below:

Awesome route this week for those that like some long flat roads,(with a few hills!)

Meet at the Tamar Bridge at 0900hrs and travel to Hatt. From here we’ll take the back lanes to Pilaton through the valley and the long but not steep climb to Blunts. From here we will take the road to St Ive joining the A390 briefly before turning right at the Butchers Arms and onto Pensilva. Then we will cross the B3254 (option here to turn off and head back via Upton Cross and Callington for a 40 mile ride) and onto Crows Nest before joining the main road to Bolventor. We then take a right turn for the flat 7 mile run to Jamaica Inn for our coffee stop. From here we will head towards St Neot past Colliford Lake for another long flat ride to the Draynes valley and onto Golitha Falls. Then it’s back on the road to Minions and on to Upton Cross turning left to Congdon’s Shop. We then join the B3257 for a long flat run back onto the A388 (Be careful when joining this road). Then it’s main road to Kelly Bray and Callington. We then take the back lanes to Saltash and back to the bridge.

Total distance from the Tamar bridge 65 miles. There are some long flat sections so hoping to get back to the bridge by 1430hrs

As usual folks please do respect the ride leader, keep to the highway code and try to look after each other by not pulling the pace causing those at the back to struggle.

Enjoy the ride riff raff and have lots of fun on the bike! 🙂



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