AGM Saturday ‘12’ Road Ride – 16th June

As yet we do not have a leader for the ‘12’ so unless someone comes forward it will be a case of deciding who will lead on the day.  As usual first to ‘post’ in the comments below has it.

Ride will leave and finish at The Miners Arms (see the AGM post for full details). I suggest the following route :-

Plympton – Hooe – Jennycliffe – Brixton Tor – Ermington – Ivybridge – Cornwood – Lutton – Lee Moor – Shaugh Prior – Bickleigh – Plympton – Hemerdon. This route has a number of short cuts on the return leg should the weather or time make them  necessary.

However if anyone wants to lead and has a choice of route that fits within the time available by all means use it and post it below when you volunteer.

As a reminder the Av speed will be very near 12 mph and is aimed at those who are quite new to group riding but are fairly bike fit and also those who simply want to ride at a pace they find more comfortable than our other rides.

If you are on this ride and find it is too slow for you stick with it but try one of the other Saturday rides in future.

This is our slowest Saturday ride and though we will not leave anyone behind (well not deliberately anyway!!), to be fair to everyone else please ensure you are comfortable with this stated pace. What if you are not sure?; Well we recommend trying the Wed ’10’ and if that is easily comfortable for you then with a little commitment you should be fine on this ride too.

A note to all riders:

Please respect the leader and ride responsibly in a predictable manner.

For road rides please have a look here

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