Alternate Road ride – 17th June (Classic Training)

Tim Halloran will be leading a Alternate road ride this weekend, planned as a training ride for the upcoming Dartmoor Classic.

His plan is as follows and from his mouth directly;

Dartmoor Classic looms large and I need some hill training this Saturday, so due to my lack of imagination. I’m riding two laps of the 2nd half Classic loop.

First loop from Dousland having climbed Les Deux Alpes. From there it’s 35 miles around and Second loop from Princetown is 40 miles.

Lots of options for cafe stop – Foxtor Cafe perhaps on the last lap. Which allows folk to make a beeline for home, should they get bored of listening to Rob Godfree shouting out “Gently undulating!!??” Cheers!

9am Start @ B&Q. Likely pace of 16+

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