‘Are you up for it’ ?

Ok everyone, only a few days until we run our first back to back 100’s, all we need to guarantee a success is the weather to hold out whilst we are riding…please!!  We are expecting a big group to ride this Saturday, Sunday will show who has the character!!  Don’t forget we aim to get everyone around, we’ll have a support car in attendance on both days…so if the need arises we can get you home!  A request from Simon, James and myself is to make our guests from around the country welcome, we know it’s always the YOGi way to do so:-)   BBC Radio Devon will be interviewing Simon, James and myself live on air from 07:30 on Friday morning and we’ll be talking about our ‘Are you up for it’ ? weekend along with the Tour de Force challenge we have taken on……if your up have a listen in 🙂

So what, when and where is this challenge? Well the challenge is back to back century rides on the weekend of April 14th and 15th, (the week before YOGi’s storm France and two weeks before we flood the Cornwall Tour) both will visit the moor and both will visit the coast 🙂  ….are you up for it?   Well they will cost you nothing to do, we’ll (The Musketeers) lead and look after you with the help of our TdF crew (some other TdF riders will be joining us), we’ll have mobile support just in case 🙂 and we’ll make sure no one gets left behind.  We’ll aim to ride it at YOGi ’14’ ride pace and both days have cut off points so if you need or want to get home early you can… and, if you want to join half way round then you can do that as well! 🙂  And, no, you don’t have to do both days, do both if you can handle the challenge 🙂 or just one if you can’t afford the time 😉

Do you get the picture? it’s free, it’s flexible, it’s a real challenge, and, you’ll get looked after and have some fun (?)

So, ‘are you up for it’?………..both routes are below, together with a description, both rides will start and finish at Coypool, the Saturday one at 9:00 am whilst the Sunday one a little earlier!…at 7:30am ………up for it? ….no registration needed…just turn up and pedal:-)

‘Are you up for it’?  – Day 1 map

Our first day’s ride is a beauty, 100 miles with 5,500ft of climbing combining the best of Dartmoor and the wonderful coast to the West of Plymouth culminating with a short ferry trip to finish the day off!  Our route will take us East from Plymouth, a 20 mile warm up of undulating roads until we reach Buckfastleigh where we head upwards on our first real climb of the day. Up through Holne and on to Venford reservoir and the open moor, the view are stunning and the riding superb all the way to the well-known cake stop of Foxtor in Princetown.  From here, some of our regular YOGi riders may wish to head back to Plymouth via Peak hill and Yelverton.  Those ‘up for it’ will now head down the glorious fast descents of Merrivale and Pork hill, keep your eyes open as the following day we will be heading up them! Having steamed down off the moor we will now climb up to the Church at Brentor before heading down to the lovely river crossing at Gunnislake, this stretch is fast with a slow descent and you will see the average speed for the day suddenly start to climb. Gunnislake is well known for it’s climbs! Once there you have only one way out and that’s up! A long climb with the gradient cruely increasing just before the top, a good test of your legs.  Next we will be heading West to Callington, again some spectacular views all the way down to the Saltash bridge and the coast beyond. Next we will head South through the lanes, the legs will tire on this stretch as the undulations are just enough to test the best of us.  Awaiting us will be a final stretch of fast river valley road which suddenly ends and you arrive at Seaton on the coast for a well earned second stop of the day, regardless of the weather we will be able to sit out here, protected by the glass screens whilst retaining the spectacular coastal views.  The next stretch is our homeward bound leg, heading East we first have to climb up on to the cliff top, legs will still be a little stiff having not warmed up again yet, but by the top they will have! Tracking along and slowly down we follow the cliff road for several miles, it is a most glorious section of the route with the sea on one side and the moors still visible to the other, in the distance ahead you will also see our routes end, Plymouth.  This section of the route will be kind to those with tired legs, our speed will be good all the way into Torpoint where we will jump on the ferry across to Plymouth, a 10 minute free trip where we can briefly chat on the day’s ride. Once on the other side it is a couple of miles through the city to the rides end and a day you will have loved.

‘Are you up for it’? – Day 2  Map

So, will your legs be up for a second century ride in as many days? Today’s route will be slightly longer at 106 miles but with just over 5,000ft of climbing, again though, make no mistake, it will take in some spectacular scenery with both coast and moors.  We start by heading North onto the moor up a local favourite known as Deux Alps, it will become apparent why! Once up on the moor we will head over to lap another local favourite, Burrator reservoir, before tracking through quiet lanes to get to the base of Pork Hill and Merrivale.  Legs will be nicely warmed up for these long climbs which you will remember from your descent the previous day! You will find this climb in the book ‘The top 100 climbs’. At the top and again firmly on the moors, we will bypass Princetown heading East to traverse right across the moor until just before Mortenhampsted. Here we will turn to head South passing ‘Jay’s grave’, famous in folklore and allegedly haunted! We eventually reach the top of our descent off the moor just to the West of Haytor, views here extend right across towards Teignmouth, however you won’t have time to admire for too long as we will descend the fast route known as Peartree and then a short flat stretch to Buckfast Abbey for a very well earned coffee and cake.  After our stop we will head South through undulating country lanes before reaching the outskirts of Dartmouth and a coastal road that does go up and down!!! Next we reach the famous stretch of Slapton Sands, scene of a WWII tragedy when many lost their lives practicing the D Day landings. Leaving the coast we turn up for a long steady climb out of Slapton to head for a small village of Morley and the top of a lovely descent down to a local favourite, Gara Bridge, having come down there is now a long steady climb out before we track across and reach a fast smooth stretch of road that your legs will love!  This is on the homeward stretch now and it is only a few miles back in to Plymouth where you will have completed two excellent days of riding.

‘Are you up for it’?……….



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