What Equipment do I need?

Essential Equipment

This article is designed to give newcomers an idea of what kind of equipment is expected to come along on a YOGI MTB Ride.

MTB Bike

It seems obvious but if you are coming along on an MTB ride you need a suitable Cross Country / Mountain Bike, not a road bike or a hybrid bike, or a Jump bike or a BMX.


Your bike should have either just Front Suspension (called hard tail) or Front and Rear Suspension (Full Suspension). If you bike does not have any suspension then it’s unlikely the bike is suitable for any of our MTB rides.

Note: Of course there are some esoteric bikes, such as a ‘Jones’, or ‘Fat Bikes’ that would still be fine but if you have one then you’ll not need to be reading this article and you’ll have the experience and skills to cope.


Although for your first ride V Brakes using wire cables may be fine, all of our regular riders find that hydraulic disk brakes are a much better choice.


Generally speaking your bike should have MTB tyres which have large knobbles on them to grip the grass, mud and rocks on the trail.  If you have smooth commuting ‘slicks’ (smooth tyres with less than about 2mm of depth of tread) then you’ll find it very difficult in anything but bone dry conditions. You can expect to be riding wet and muddy grass, so without a proper tread with knobbles it’ll be like riding on ice.

Other essential equipment

Water Bottle – at least 1 litre, minimum to keep hydrated.
Most club riders use a hydration pack, such as a Camelbak for convenience and because in the summer or on a long ride you need around 2+ litres of water.

Snack – in case you run out of energy, e.g. a Cereal bar, or packet of crisps.

Inner tube – spare inner tube in case you get a puncture. Do not worry if you are not confident in how to fit it, there are plenty of riders willing to help, and it’s not a problem at all.  But it’s good to at least have the tube otherwise someone else has to give you theirs!

Waterproof/spare top (suitable for the conditions)

Once you have been along to your first ride, you’ll be able to see and ask other riders what you should look to bring each time but the above is really the minimum for your first time.

Regular riders will generally bring the following kit in addition to the above;
Bike Pump
Multitool, with chain repair tool
Quick Link or Power link – to repair your chain
Personal First Aid Kit

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