Night riding – lights

All of the mid week MTB Rides require night lights as we ride in the evenings.

Although for around 1 month in the summer we will often finish in daylight, if there are mechanicals on the ride then the finish may end up in the dark.  Also in dark woodland you may need lights around 30mins to 1 hr earlier than out in the open.

Due to the level of lighting technology available now, even when it’s dark we ride at more or less the same pace as when it’s daylight, so as a rough rule you need a light that is at least 1000 lumens. You average commuting or “be seen” road light will not be of any use when you are following a fast flowing single track descent in the woods in pitch black. It’s easy to miss the odd rock or tree stump with a poor light, which can be dangerous.

There are a number of good lights from a variety of manufactures available, but two lights at opposite ends of the price spectrum stand out and are popular with YOGI MTB Riders.

1. Magic Shine – usually purchased from Deal Extreme, offer a light of 1200 lumens for around £45, including shipping from China. You can also but these from the UK. these work perfectly well, although occasionally battery reliability is an issue, but they are cheap and better batteries can be bought from the UK

2. Exposure – offer a whole range of lights, but the Maxx-D is the most popular light for handlebar mounting, with some members also using a Joystick as a helmet light. These are generally the most trouble free. 

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