If you would like a nice picture of yourself to appear next to your comments, you’ll need to register at www.gravatar.com.

You’ll be asked to register your email address (this must be the one that you received your YOGi username on) and, after a little authorisation process, upload a photo. You will then be able to crop the photo so that you can look your best in the little 1cm x 1cm image that is shown next to the comments/posts.

Please comment below to show us your avatars! 🙂

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34 Responses to Avatars

  1. Richie Ogle says:

    Hi Graham,

    Help!! I’ve uploaded an image in Gravatar but not sure how to put it in my profile when I log in to the Yogi website? On the manage Gravatars page, the image is showing against my email address but not sure how to complete it? What am I missing???


  2. Richie Ogle says:

    Graham, ignore that!! as it has clearly worked! ha ha

  3. Mick Blampied says:

    Not sure if it’s worked till I post I guess? Will anyone be using a non YOGi clothed picture?

  4. John Allan says:

    That’ll be ,me then!

  5. Dave Skinner says:

    Hi graham, having problems logging in to Gravatar, tells me there is a “user name” issue, i.e. Dave Skinner already in use, but then when I try to log in via wordpress, it says incorrect, user name, e-mail, or password, even though I can log on to the Yogi site ok???

    • Graham Lang says:

      Hi Dave,
      You need to sign up on Gravitar.com first. You can do this by clicking log in/sign up on the top bar of their home page. You will then be asked for your email address. This must be the same email address we are using to contact you on.
      I hope this helps 🙂

  6. only one way to find out if it worked

  7. Andy Westcott says:


  8. Graham Lang says:

    If you create or change your avatar (Gravatar) and it doesn’t seem to change on the YOGi site, refresh your browser (press f5) and it should appear 🙂

  9. David Fletcher says:

    Yers my gravvy thingy..I thunk..

  10. John Ambrose says:


  11. John Ambrose says:

    Change of image in better light!

  12. John Ambrose says:

    Did`nt work!

  13. John Ambrose says:

    Try again

  14. John Ambrose says:

    It works!!

  15. Mark Tweedie says:

    Did I follow the instructions correctly?

  16. Andy Powell says:

    Will this work me wonders

  17. Linda Bracher says:


  18. Linda Bracher says:

    yes! I am getting better on the tech side of things!

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