Back to Basics Trial Ride – Saturday 30th June

In recognition that most of  the ’12’ level riders are able (and indeed want!) to ride quite long distances these days, there may be some who would like try our rides but put off by the current hilly and long routes. As a response to this a few of our ‘Good Eggs’ Neil Carpenter, Ray Cooke and Paul Brindley are putting on this trial ride.  This is Neils take on it:-

This ride will be run in addition to the regular ’12’ ride, the idea is to encourage new members  or those current members that may not have ridden for some time, and may have been put off by the longer 12 rides of late to come along.

The ride will be run at an average 10 – 12 mph and will be in the region of 25 miles distance avoiding where possible any major climbs.   It will be led at a leisurely pace so everyone will be able to chat and will give any new riders a chance to talk to current members and get to know about the club first hand.

The ride itself will be led by Neil Carpenter and Ray Cooke who will dictate the pace and ensure that nobody gets left behind.   Paul Brindley will instruct on matters of road etiquette and the techniques required to move up to the Sat 14 ride.  The ride is obviously open to all members of the club that may wish to pass their knowledge on to others or indeed feel the need to brush up on their own road etiquette or simply want a leisurely ride, all we ask as ride leaders is that you understand the reason for this ride and adhere to the average speed.

If this first ride is successful and suitably supported then the plan is to run one a month throughout the summer.

Should any other members feel that they would like to lead one of these rides then please pass your name to Steve Clare who will then add them to the appropriate ‘Rides Schedule’ News’ item and the weekly e -mail update.

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