Basic Bike Maintenance Evening – Date TBC

This event is in response to a request to run another basic maintenance evening and is aimed at the tasks all who ride should be capable of. It will be mainly based on the ‘M Check’.  Could even save a long walk home!

We will cover: –

  • Pre-Ride mechanical and safety checks and how to correct any identified faults
  • Replacing an inner tube
  • Tuning index gear shifting, to include setting front and rear derailleur stop screw adjustment.
  • Rim and Disc Brake checking and adjustment

Two things, firstly, you will learn how to do the work, we will advise and supervise. Secondly this session is not a substitute for the kind of repair our local LBS’s have the skills and tools for. If we identify any repairs of that nature, we will direct you to the LBS of your choice.

This aims to be a fun and light hearted session, we will provide tea/coffee/biscuits and some fun challenges. You will provide the labour…… oh and a CLEAN bike!  John Allen, Stephen Coker, Ian Roberts and myself will run the session(s) so bring either your MTB or road bike.

If you would like to attend, please email

Once we know who is interested, we will agree dates, book a venue and send joining instructions.  

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