Basic Bike Maintenance Evening – Friday 24th February

Over the last few months we have had one or two asking if we could run a session on how to do basic maintenance/fixes.  Well here it is!

Time:  7pm – 9pm

Venue: Lipson School

Ian and myself are your volunteers and we will cover the basics of making sure your bike is safe and how to make the minor adjustments that come from use and minor wear and tear.  It will be a case of learn by ‘doing’ even if it means we make some deliberately maladjustments (Ian will bring a hammer and I’ll bring a chisel just in case!!!).  But don’t expect to be watching! No that’s not the way to learn!  You will be doing the work as we watch and advise.

Ahem! Please do ensure your bike is thoroughly clean before bringing it!

At the end of the session you will know how to:-

  • Check and Adjust Headset Bearings
  • Check for brake pad wear, correct alignment and caliper is centred
  • Lubricate all cables
  • Adjust Brake cables
  • Check and if necessary align front mech, including the stop screws
  • Adjust rear gear indexing
  • How to deal with a mid-ride puncture

If poss please bring your own basic tools and if you can beg, steel or borrow a bike work stand bring it along too.

We can accommodate a max of 10 people, so first come first served. Just post below by copying and pasting the previous post then add your name. (see the Turbo Training bookings if this does not make sense it’s the same principle!).

All we ask is for a small donation of your choice, one to pay the £5:00 venue charge and if we have any leftover it will go into our charity pot!

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