Basic Fixes and Safety Checks Evening – ELM Centre, Estover Friday 3rd June

Hi All,

Ian, John Allan and yours truly are running another one of our popular basic fixes evening.  This is for our members who dread the road/off road puncture and/or are not sure how to ensure their bike is in tune.

This will be held on Friday 3rd June 6:30 – 8:30 at the ELM Centre, Nr Asda Estover.

As well as practising an inner tube change (a number of times!) you will also learn how to complete the ‘M’ check (we will demo this). How to tune up gears, brakes (sorry not Hydro’s on this occasion), headset adjustment etc.

All we ask is that:-

  • You bring a nice clean bike :).
  • You do the work (we advise and help).
  • Accept that if your bike has done lots of miles on, it may not be possible to get it to run faultlessly.
  • take part in the end of session light hearted race to be the quickest to change and inflate an inner tube.
  • Bring your multitool/set of Allen Keys.
  • Have fun (everyone has on the previous occasions we have done this!).

Please either put your name down in ‘Comments’ below or email using

We have a limited capacity in terms of space, so ideally only take this up if sure you will genuinely benefit, however we will be watching the uptake level and will close once we have a number that we feel we can comfortably accommodate.

Oh and if you just happen to have a work stand and/or a truck pump by all means bring with you.  Yeah we know this is sort of cheating, but for learning it does make things that bit easier.  And anyway the skills learned in the comfort of indoors using a work stand can easily be transferred to a road/trailside repair!



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