Best All Round Time Trialist Competition

A great reason to get some winter training in……

The cycling Clubs in the South West, including YOGi, are part of a search to find the best all-round time trialist in the South West in the coming year.  Glory and trophies are promised and even if you don’t win it’s a great target to aim for over a season.  The competition is judged on average speed over a number of events.

For men their will be awards for the top five judged over your averaged best times in 2 x 10mile, 2 x 25 mile and 1 x 50 mile TT.

Women and Juniors will be similarly averaged but over 2 x 10 mile and 2 x 25 mile TTs

Qualifying races must be official SW District races in 2013 and will be listed here.  That way results are recorded automatically and no action other than turning up and racing is required to be part of the competition.

I’ll repost again as the TT season approaches next year so people can go out and do some last minute panic training


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