‘C’ Ride to Brentor, Saturday 12th Sept

Nice little trip North this week with a gentle warm up to Yelverton on the Plymbridge cycle track, for any slow starters wishing to meet us there we’ll leave no earlier than 10:00…you know who you are!  A short trip on the main road takes us down to Horrabridge and then towards Tavistock via Whitchurch.  In Tavistock we’ll head past Tavistock college and then up the gentle climb to join the Bere Alston road.  Regroup here before a trek North towards and over the roundabout at Gulworthy and on toward Chillaton.  Before we get there we’ll take the right and head up to Brentor before a regroup (if needed) and then a nice gentle stretch down into tavistock and a visit to Bob’s (31 miles in).

After cake rolls and coffee it’s a traditional route back via Whitchurch, Horrabridge and Roborough Down into Plymouth.  Full distance is 45 miles with just over 3K of climbing.

Full route can be found here

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