Update – Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100 Update

Hi All,

Now Just an update on the original message now the official entry has passed message below!

As we sort of expected based on how we already seem to have number of members who successfully passed the individual ballot stage and that logistically it is a more challenging event than most sportives, we have had a small response to again this year.

However I have provisionally entered two ‘All Male’ teams and one mixed team.  This was on the basis that ratio most fairly represents our membership.  Once I receive confirmation of which if any of the above teams have  been accepted I will advise. 

Though those who responded within the deadline will be given priority we might have a few other places we can open up, potentially 2 female (non have applied) and 1 male.  So if you are a member of British Cycling, interested and can manage the logistics set out below, please watch out for an update on 22nd March. In the unlikely event we end up with more applicants than places there will be a fair selection  method………. well okay a lucky draw.

Brilliant News! Once again we have the opportunity to enter up to three teams in to this years Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100.  This is the fourth year and part of the Mayor of London’s festival of cycling. It takes place on Sunday 31 July 2016

As a committee we have decided that again we will open up to all members (WHO HAVE TO ALSO BE A MEMBER OF BRITISH CYCLING) but preference will be given to anyone who has either led rides or committed their time on behalf of the club and meets British Cycling’s criteria below (see the Italics).

To enter please state which team you want to be considered for (choose only one to be fair to others).

All Female Team

All Male Team

A Mixed Team (it has to be 2 Male & 2 Females)

Read all the way down but key thing is you must let us know if you want to be considered by emailing Info@yogicycling.com by midnight March 13th. 

When you apply just clarify that you have committed time on behalf of YOGi Cycling.  If you have simply enjoyed our club rides and turn up regularly over a year then by all means put yourself forward just in case we have insufficient responses from those who meet our main criteria.  Whichever when applying do include your British Cycling Membership number!

The teams we enter will depend on who applies so potentially we could end up with three of the same just as easily as one of each.

We have until Monday 14th March to decide which team places to apply for and we are guaranteed to have at least one team selected on the strength that we entered last year. Though we cannot state which type of team is our first choice as all will be selected via a ballot system.

I will be advised of successful teams by Monday 21 March so will update this post soon after that date.

If we are oversubscribed in the team(s) we successfully obtain places for there will be a lucky draw, likely at the start of one of our early in April Saturday Rides.

For info:-

Clubs can apply for more than one team but all applications from a club must be co-ordinated by one person on behalf of the club.

Be aware that if the team you opt to ride in and you are succesfully accepted by YOGi Cycling to represent the club, each rider within the team must pay their own entry fee (£58) and complete their own online entry form; all four riders in the team must have completed and paid for their entry by Friday 8 April or the team will lose its place.

Also need to factor in 2 nights accommodation and transport but likely there will be some sort of coordination to ease the logistics!

A team comprises four riders.

Every rider in a team must be a current British Cycling member.

Teams can comprise four men or four women or a mixed team of two men and two women.

Riders who hold an Elite or Category 1 British Cycling Race Licence are not eligible to enter the Club Challenge.

Riders who have already secured an individual place through the original entry ballot or a charity place are not eligible to enter the Club Challenge.

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