Century Road Ride – Saturday 17th May

Simon Pope has a plan for a nice century ride this Saturday here are his words:-  This route was my first ever century ride route and a good one at that. Ian and Kim were there too must have been early 90’s, Eeek. Anyway we would recommend as good one!

With some more sunny summer weather forecast for this Saturday we’re planning a day trip to Bude. It’s an open invite for riders from the 14 & 16 groups who are up for a long ride.  The route is around 101 miles with a bit over 8000 feet of climbing – great Classic training 🙂

We head out from YOGi HQ (yes that’s B&Q Car Park, Coypool!) through Leigham and onto Horrabridge via Green Lane.  From there it’s across to Whitchurch Common and down Batteridge to the A386 where we take the lanes up to Brentor via the gliding school.  On to Chillaton, Lifton and the old A30 where we turn and head for St. Giles on the Heath, Holsworthy and finally we get to Bude.

After a well deserved cafe stop and hopefully feeling refreshed we’ll head down the North Cornwall coast where we can enjoy going DOWN Millook!  Obviously there will be an up on the other side but it supposed to be the easy way round! (We’ll see!!).  After enjoying a few more treats along the coast road it’s time to turn and head for home, so it’s back towards Launceston and onto Callington via Coad’s Green.  We’ll probably take the main road back to Saltash and finally we cross the bridge and we’re back on home turf!

Be sure to bring plenty to eat and drink as it’s a long way to the cafe stop!  Book those passes now for what will hopefully be another great day out on the bike!

Route can be found here: http://www.strava.com/routes/338739


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