Club Constitution

All the good weather has got to the committee’s heads and, in response to some helpful comments received on the “for discussion” page in the members area, we have had a good long discussion about how the committee is selected, voting procedures for the committee and the constitution in general.

A new draft constitution has been uploaded in the members area here. Originally we used a British Cycling/Sport England template and we have made a few tweeks we thought were sensible.  The main changes are in section 8 dealing with how the committee is selected along with explanatory FAQs at the bottom that explain our thinking behind the selection and voting procedures.

What we are asking is that at the AGM those attending can vote to accept this constitution so that we can then go onto vote on some new committee members and so that current committee members can spend the next week riding rather than get involved in deep discussions about constitutions.  If there are major changes you think are needed the please stand for election to the committee (see post coming along after this) and take on the challenge of reformatting/writing it or come back to us after the AGM to propose any changes that can be made over the coming year.


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