Club Directory (Replacement of Members Gallery)

IMPORTANT – Your help needed!

Please note that the “Club Directory” page (found in the YBook menu) will be the replacement for the current “Members Gallery”.

It is important that all members go to the “Edit Your Profile” page and do the following:

  1. Check that all of your existing details are correct. Most importantly, check your email address!! (as this is how the club contacts you!!!!).
  2. To the right of the Avatar entry, use the “Browse” button to select a suitable profile picture from your hard disk. Ideally this will be a photo of you!
  3. Not essential but it would be nice if you could add info to other fields such as bio, gender, birthday and location. Again, this bit is not essential if you’d rather not have some or all of that additional info displayed.
  4. I don’t recommend changing the default privacy settings.
  5. You can, if you wish, change the notification settings although you may miss a message if you do this.
  6. Finally click Update

Please remember that any information in your profile is only visible to YOGi members who also happen to be in your friend list. Anybody else will not be able to view more than your name and photo (the same as with the current Members Gallery).

Your email address is visible to no one!

If you have any problems either send me a message via the YBook Mailbox or contact me via email here.

Many thanks for your help


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