Club Time Trials – Give it a go

September is but a few weeks (NOW DAYS!) away and it’s time for the YOGi time trials, the race of truth, contre temp, pain fest.   Mike Deacon has kindly organised two events for us this year, an open event that we sponsor for anyone to enter and a club TT just for club members.  They are running on 2 very different courses so whatever type of rider you are there is an opportunity to give it a go if you haven’t tried it before.  They are hard but very satisfying events with people of all abilities turning up so don’t be put off.  You don’t need a time trial bike, lycra body suit, or bizzare helmet, just your normal bike, a helmet and enthusiasm for challenging yourself.

Open event – 9th September.  This will be run on the S5/25 course that goes from Mary Tavy to Okehampton and back, 25 miles, £7.50 and 8a.m. start . Details of the route are here.

Details of start time and entry are here.

Entry form is here.

Club event will be on the 23rd September on the Ermington course.  No need to pre-enter, just turn up on the day with £1 entry fee and ride. Entry is open to anyone, not just club members but the emphasis is on giving it a go so there is no prize money for this one.  two years ago we had 35 members, most doing their first TT!  The course is here.

If you are thinking of having a go post a comment below so we have some idea of who is thinking of having a go.



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