Committee Changes – Some Thanks and Hello’s……. (Oh and Something to Do!)

Hi All

Following last weeks AGM when it was announced, this is just to formally advise that both Chris Glazier and Graham Lang have decided to step down from the YOGi Committee.  Of course losing two highly valued and effective members amounts to a sad time really.  That at least though is tempered by our two newest members who have volunteered to step in and replace them.  So a on behalf of the rest of the committee and all our members lets give a big welcome and thanks to Claire Tonkin, who just happens to be a Chartered Accountant and hence knows a thing or two about being a Treasurer so is taking a handover from Chris over the next week or so.

And Simon Pope who by the way organised our 2013 Tour of Britain ride, if that is anything to go by he will be a very welcome addition to your committee.  In fact Simon was instrumental in our policy of having a new look at our constitution this last month something you will realise we all excepted was the right thing to do.   We all look forward to working with both of them and sure some new thinking can only be good.

Of course we owe some serious thanks to Chris and Graham.  Chris has contributed 4 years as club Treasurer, not only has he kept our books accurate, up to date and legally compliant he has also arranged rides to France and trips to Newport Velodrome, let alone always involving himself in the plethora of unseen and time hungry tasks that running a club with a membership as big as ours requires.  He has also done some good work behind the scenes for the good of cycling in the region and even found time to ride the whole of the Tour de Force in 2012.  Hopefully such few words don’t hide the enormous amount of time and effort all that takes!  Good to know he will still play a big part of being a club member and will be seen leading rides just as much as he ever has done.

Graham I am glad to report, though now relinquishing the task of helping the committee with the afore mentioned plethora of unseen tasks, will continue to maintain and manage the YOGi web site and we are sure grateful for that.  No doubt as ever he will continue to do a superb job. Thanks to him our web site has always been bang up to date and that takes one helluva lot of time.  Oh and he will still ride too!

I have to say that both have been great to work alongside and we will miss their contribution.  So on behalf of us all again a massive thanks and we wish them well in using all the spare time they will have 🙂 . Though I’m not sure Graham has gained much of that and knowing Chris it will likely be channelled into work not play!

Right…..and now for the ‘Something to Do’, I mentioned the new YOGi Constitution and hopefully you will have read it?  If not please do so

It is absolutely relevant to everyone of us and indeed we expect members to read and accept it.

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