Covid Related Group Rides Message -28th June

Hi all,

Finally some good news for cycling clubs!  The UK Cycling affiliations have given the go ahead for the resumption of group rides with a max of up to 6 people. All rides that meet this criteria can be sanctioned under our club rides insurance.  We have discussed our approach via email and believe there will be a mix of opinions with some very keen to ride and others not.
So our starting point is to gauge interest from you.  The biggest challenge to putting rides on will be having a ride leader for every group of 6. 
Leaders must receive total support from the group to stay at least the designated distance apart.  It is also necessary to inform that person you are joining the ride. If you are not one of the first six then the leader will reply saying the ride is full.  

We accept this is a logistical  challenge for us as the committee and to any volunteer ride leaders, so before we commit, please state your interest in either leading, or that you are highly likely to join a ride. 
In other words before putting Tim into relaunching club rides in this format we want to gauge interest. If sufficient and yes that is subjective right now, we will work on it.  

Our commitment will be to come up with a method of managing this that ensures we are compliant with our responsibilities as an affiliated club of both British Cycling and Cycling UK.

Bearing in mind we want something simple and quick, we welcome any suggestions on tools/method. There are some Apps that do this but our first thoughts are to keep it simple by using our FB pages or say WhatsApp. So over to you all👍

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