Current Membership Numbers and Best Wishes to Our 2014 Leavers

Hi All,

A little later than our official anniversary of 1st June we have now finalised our start of the New YOGi Cycling year membership status.  Here are few facts and figures!

We closed the year with 487 members, with an amazing number of 79 of them having joined since 1st January 2014, 226 members have renewed for 2014/15, 18 have helpfully confirmed they are not rejoining. That leaves those named below to respond so this is the very last reminder.  We will take it that if you do not do so by end of Sunday 3rd August then you have chosen not to rejoin.

To renew do so via this link to our PayPal account using your debit/credit card or if you prefer your own PayPal account any of those options will be accepted by the YOGi account.

For those who are not renewing we wish you all the best for the future and a thanks for the time you have been with us.

Michael Aldred   Michael Alexander
Tom Allan  
Matthew Ash   Steven Banks
Robert Barnes   Mark Barrett
Pablo Beckhurst   Rick Bent
Christopher Biddle   Anthony Bolitho
Neil Bradley   Niall Bradley
Paul Bray   Christopher Brien
Sean Brierley   Jonathan Brightman
Ben Brown   Martin Brown
John Brown  
David Burgess   Lee Burkin
Paul Cant   Michael Carpenter
  Jo Church
  Martin Clitherow
Lyn Coffman   Simon Cooke
Lee Copp   Jane Cornish
Steve Crowhurst   James Cryan
Neil Davey   Mike Demuth
Warren Dimond   Jonathan Downes
Joel Dunn   Kelvin Edwards
Andy Everett   Lewis Fearnley
David Fletcher   Chris Flower
Stephen Foale  
Jane Forder   Mark Foster
Justin Frost   Phil Gaffney
Hamish Gallacher   Luke Geere
Paul Ginter   Lyndsey Glazier
  Julian Gooding
James Gray   Karen Green
Arron Greenaway   Rhodri Griffiths
Anthony Hall   Justin Hamilton-Hall
Dean Hance   Mark Harding
Dave Hardington   Chris Harrison
Mary Hatherley   Lottie Hearnden
Simon Hill   Jason Hillier
Alli Holland   Andy Holmes
Adam Hopkins   James Horrell
Terry Horswill   Jordan Hunt
David Hyde   Ian Jarvis
Sue Jennings   Tom Jennings
Daniel Johnson   Max Johnson
Ryan Johnson   Mike Jonas
Barry Kemp   Barry Kingdom
Lee Kitchener   Chris Knapman
Edward Knight   Phil Knight
Arnaud Lambert   Alex Langley
Keith Lilley   Nick Lloyd
Harry Luxton   Neil MacMillan
Peter McGirr   Jamie Mitchell
Stephen Mitchell   Richard Mortiboys
Timothy Mudge   Trevor Munns
Fiona Murphy   Kerry Nadin
Martin Nicholas   Vanessa Nickson
Nicola Noble   Paul Northmore
Michael Opie   Jack Ottaway
Simon Paice   Russ Parkin
Ed Pask   Dave Pearson
Helen Peat   Adam Pollard
Steve Preston   Andy Preston
  Murray Quest
Stephen Raine   Matt Rayment
Austin Reynolds   Kevin Richards
  Mark Roue
Nicola Rovai   Taffeta Sammels
Dave Sammels   Mat Schofield
Jim Scott   James Scrivens
Neil Semmens   Joanne Shale
Sam Shattock  
Charlotte Sherrard  
Dane Simmons   Darren Slemon
Andrew Smith   William Smith
Lucy Spowart   John Spreadbridge
Sam Steevenson   Helen Sutton
Mark Tapp   Andrew Terry
Gary Thomas   Dean Thompson
Steve Thornberry   Thomas Toogood-Smith
  Paul Underdown
Marcus Vassey   Shaun Walbridge
Grant Wallace   Ian Walls
Nigel Waterfall   Pip Watson
Graham Webb   Alison White
Michael White   Toby Whitley
Eric Whitley   Helen Willis
Hannah Wilson-Rudd   Graham Wolfenden
Damon Wong   Ben Wright
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