Dartmoor Classic sign-on and start times


Yet again we are going to have a huge turnout for the Dartmoor Classic next week.  Good luck to everyone whether you are aiming for gold or completing your first sportive.

As in previous years many of us will be registering on Saturday afternoon, soaking up the sun (hopefully) and eating burger and ice-cream based foods as part of a healthy pre-ride nutrition plan.

On the morning of the event we are proposing to all meet at 7.30 for a group photo with those doing the 100 miles setting off soon afterwards and those doing 100km not long to wait before they can leave.  It can take a while to park up and get ready so those with inclinations towards staying under the duvet force yourselves out of bed with enough time to spare.   There will be lots of people aiming for similar times so if you want to post below to announce your ambitions there may be others with similar thoughts so you can ride as group…..but remember to agree a start speed amongst yourselves to avoid the usual 20mph stampede out of the start and subsequent slow death later on somewhere around the Warren House!

Good luck to everyone having a go, see you on the start line next weekend.


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