Saturday C Road Ride – 4th April

Roadford reservoir is this week’s goal, having checked the forecast it’ll be a ‘slight’ headwind all the way up to the café and then a nice tail wind all the way back…if it’s any different then please discuss with the BBC weather department!…Oh and it should be dry! 🙂

So the route is a nice gentle warm up to Yelverton via the cycle track, we’ll aim to leave there for 10….that’s for all our late risers! 🙂  From there we’ll head down to Walkhampton and over to Horrabridge before we climb Jordan’s Lane and over to Batterbridge.  heading towards Tavi we’ll take the right that heads up towards Brentor before descending into and through Chillaton, just after we’ll take a left and head Northwards towards the old A30.  Straight over and it’s only a few miles before we get to Roadford, 32 miles in.

After cake and coffees we’ll head due South with a pleasant tail wind and into Lifton, turning left we’ll have a few little ups and downs before getting to Gulworthy where we head straight across and down to Denham Bridge, a little climb out and straight back in past the Green café.

Total ride distance is 60 miles with just under 5K of climbing.

Ride route can be found here

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