Essex Breakaway Yogi Team Shows Yogi Spirit

After visiting some good friends of mine in the  great plains of Essex, taking them for a burn and telling them all about our great club they felt compelled to join the Yogis. I thought you might like to hear the story of Vinnie and Ben Brown – the Essex Breakaway YOGi team:

1. All dressed and ready to go “Come on son let’s kill it”

2. But first the boys check that their planned route is absolutely billiard table level.

3. They’re off, and immediately Ben is drafting the fat lad in front.
4. Oh hell – I think the spirit level was broken. This killer of a hill must be pushing 3%, dig deep son.

5. After another 6 km we’re nearly at the top, still attacking, what spirit these flatlanders have.

6. Er!!  I just don’t think we’re ready for hills yet. Fancy a pint instead.
Dartmoor can wait.

Hopefully someday soon Vinnie and Ben will be visiting Plymouth and we’ll show them the meaning of the word hill.

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3 Responses to Essex Breakaway Yogi Team Shows Yogi Spirit

  1. Alex Warren says:

    I’m planning to do the Richardson’s Rumble Sportive in StIves (Cambs) in April 2012. Might the Eseex branch be interested so we improve the YOGi presence?

  2. John Ambrose says:

    Love the photo comic strip Ian, you could be the Yogi version of Cycling Weekly`s late Jonny Helms. Can we look forward to a weekly version!

  3. Ian Roberts says:

    Hi John,
    These pair of clowns did this all there selfs, my only claim to this is to be friends with them. You never know, lets see if Vince comes up anything else.

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