Etape Caledonia – 13th May 2012

Want to try a closed road sportive? only 81 miles with a paltry 1,700mtrs of climbing, relatively easy with some fantastic scenery and great support from the locals – well that’s the ones without the ‘tacks’!!

This is an event that several YOGi’s have completed over the last few years and all have sung it’s praises, so who would like to try it next year? The event was opened to general entries today and will sell out fairly quickly, 5,000 rode last year, accommodation in the event centre of Pitlochry has already almost all gone and Perth, 20 mins easy drive South, will be the accommodation choice for most attending now.

More information on the event can be found here  its not a cheap event at £61 but the majority goes to charity and the closed roads make it so much more worthwhile and fun to ride.  So if you fancy a weekend away, travel up on Friday 11th May 2012, stay at the Perth Holiday Inn Express for 3 nights (£30pp per night B&B), complete the event on the Sunday and  return on Monday 14th please add your name below.  If you cannot take a Friday and Monday off then obviously you could travel up and down to suit yourselves.

Once final numbers are known then we can organise transport as a group.  If you do intend to go then please enter the event direct and ensure you add ‘YOGi’ as your club/team.  Regardless of your anticipated time to complete the event, enter as under 4hrs which will ensure we all start together and get an early start.

Anyone with questions or wanting more information on the event then please post below or e mail me via


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