Feedback From Recent Committee Meeting

The committee meet very regularly to discuss how your club can continually improve, offering you the members a wide varied package which will hopefully suit everyone at all levels.

Firstly, the committee would like to thank all those members who have volunteered to lead rides recently. We do appreciate that ride leading does put an incredible amount of pressure on you and you inevitably sacrifice your own ride to ensure that everyone else enjoys it. For  your goodwill in doing so, we would like to thank you and hope that other members follow suit. We do understand that each ride leader will take a different approach and this may or may not suit everyone on that ride  If  anyone does have any feedback from any of the rides or any queries about rides/routes, then please do not hesitate to contact the committee. We would like to avoid the negative feedback on the ride posts as it is felt that this detracts from the goodwill shown by the ride leader to come forward and lead the ride.

Secondly, we have had to re-evaluate where we meet at B&Q due to the volume of riders that our rides attract.  We will now be meeting closer to the entrance to B&Q (furniture store end)  this will ensure that we are able to congregate safely and without annoyance to B&Q customers.

Lots of exciting projects in the pipeline – keep an eye on the YOGi website and your weekly emails  for updates.

Key dates approaching:

14 /15 April – ‘Are You Up For It’ challenge

21 April – YOGi France trip

13 May – Sky Ride, Plymouth.

16 June – YOGi AGM – another year on, 400+ members

We will as always continually update you on forthcoming events. If you have any questions/queries/niggles in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact the committee and we will endeavour to answer/resolve all as quickly as possible.

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